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    What type of clothing will you bring when traveling?

    Sep 3, 14 • 820 Views • Clothing Tech1 Comment

    Travel is one of the fascinating things to do just to unwind for a while and explore new adventures in other places. But the preparation sometimes kills the excitement knowing that you can’t leave without all your important stuff.  Then, let me share to...

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    Check New Item For Your Christmas Gift

    Sep 1, 14 • 867 Views • ShoppingComments Off

    What are you plans for this coming holiday season? Are you thinking of a precious gift for a love one or some members of your family...

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    Be Cool With Messenger Bags

    Aug 29, 14 • 836 Views • Clothing TechComments Off

    Messenger bags might not be a common term for some people who doesn’t care so much about bags. But it got its name after it style similar to the ones bicycle messengers use. It has a shoulder strap so you can wear it across your body with the bag hanging...

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    Fall Preparation: How About Buying a New Warmer?

    Aug 28, 14 • 980 Views • ShoppingComments Off

    Here is the thing, it’s almost a year since the last time you use your wardrobe for winter and most of it had worn out from the last time you wear them especially your leg warmer. Why not consider purchasing a new one or bundles of these that you can sell...

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    Houndstooth Zip Up Coat for Women

    May 29, 14 • 923 Views • FashionComments Off

    Spring is about to end but the cold breeze continuously blow around the region. During this season, women love to stay in fashion even wearing coat and thick layer of tops. One of my favorite outfits is the Houndstooth zip up coat which is warm inside and the...

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