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  • Fabulous Dress For Women

    Sep 29, 14 • 953 Views • Shopping, UncategorizedComments Off

    Boost you confidence by wearing a perfect dress for your outdoor events. There are many ways in determining which dress will look perfectly good at you. It’s only a matter of how you will see yourself in front of the mirror and understanding the kind of...

  • Knit Skull Print Sweater

    Sep 5, 14 • 954 Views • Clothing TechComments Off

    Made from 100% Acrylic fiber, this sweater is suitable for cold weather and to keep you warm when going outdoor events. Its front and back have a skull knitted carefully on the sweater. The black knit print looks perfect with the light color. A clothing that...

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    What type of clothing will you bring when traveling?

    Sep 3, 14 • 820 Views • Clothing Tech1 Comment

    Travel is one of the fascinating things to do just to unwind for a while and explore new adventures in other places. But the preparation sometimes kills the excitement knowing that you can’t leave without all your important stuff.  Then, let me share to...

  • Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 1.31.08 AM

    What Shorts are You Planning to Wear?

    Aug 20, 14 • 889 Views • Fashion WallComments Off

    If you notice, shorts are typically worn in places with warm weather or environment where comfort and airflow are highly important than protecting your legs. Print Pocket Mini Shorts has a flat front and can be considered as a more formal type of shorts. It...

  • Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 12.25.07 AM

    Be Creative in Wearing Your Cardigan

    Aug 18, 14 • 1045 Views • Fashion WallComments Off

    Using a Cardigan in your daily outfit might look dull or boring. You are probably wearing those Cardigans the same style everyday and it only kills the excitement and fun of dressing yourself in the best way you can...

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