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  • Simple Rules When Wearing Jumpsuit

    Oct 24, 14 • 1023 Views • Clothing TechComments Off

      Wearing Jumpsuits might seem to be easy not knowing that it can be tricky sometimes. Learn from this list on how to properly wear a jumpsuit.                  Do Pair it with Blazer or Jacket If you want to achieve conservative...

  • New Kimono Twist

    Sep 8, 14 • 1135 Views • Clothing TechComments Off

    Fashion has getting better in this new generation and trying new clothing will expose you to a bigger picture of what is a real fashion. Aztec Print Oversize Kimono is part of the new wave. Inspired from a Kimono design, it involves into a semi-oversize...

  • Knit Skull Print Sweater

    Sep 5, 14 • 954 Views • Clothing TechComments Off

    Made from 100% Acrylic fiber, this sweater is suitable for cold weather and to keep you warm when going outdoor events. Its front and back have a skull knitted carefully on the sweater. The black knit print looks perfect with the light color. A clothing that...

  • Screen shot 2014-09-03 at 1.37.12 AM

    What type of clothing will you bring when traveling?

    Sep 3, 14 • 820 Views • Clothing Tech1 Comment

    Travel is one of the fascinating things to do just to unwind for a while and explore new adventures in other places. But the preparation sometimes kills the excitement knowing that you can’t leave without all your important stuff.  Then, let me share to...

  • Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 1.15.55 AM

    Be Cool With Messenger Bags

    Aug 29, 14 • 836 Views • Clothing TechComments Off

    Messenger bags might not be a common term for some people who doesn’t care so much about bags. But it got its name after it style similar to the ones bicycle messengers use. It has a shoulder strap so you can wear it across your body with the bag hanging...

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