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Wholesale FASHION Magazine is an online fashion shops site that will bring you the latest style and designs of Wholesale Clothing, Women Clothing, Wholesale Dresses,  and other trends in clothing business. With writers who keep updates on daily fashion news, we bring you fresh information gathered from all corners of the world. Wholesale Fashion Magazine is enriched with daily fresh content from the runways of the United States, Europe, Asia, and the rest of the continent. From your favorite shoes, handbags, to your dresses, this magazine is now available for every retailers, entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast.


We will post reviews of the latest products from famous brands and your favorites online wholesale clothing stores. We want to give you the best reading experience. Moreover, we will also include your favorite Celebrity Fashion galleries to better appreciate our recommended collections.


To provide fresh, interesting, and useful information, news, and updates to people who wants to read and understand more about fashion and wholesale clothing industry.


To be able to help aspiring entrepreneur and fashion lovers in improving their style and boost their confidence in choosing the best fashion  for them and for their business.


editor-in-chief: Justine Thwart
art director: Michael Jamison
executive editor: Blaze Go
fashion editor:  Irish Smith
news editor: Nicole Go
reviews editor: Bladz Emz
galleries editor: Corehn Jamison


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